Burgundy Nails Acrylic Design – 25 Creative Dark Looks

Burgundy nails acrylic design is the ultimate expression of elegance for your hands. Burgundy is a sophisticated fall color and you could wear it to look beautiful. This nailart looks best on short nails and you can add certain details to make them stand out more. You can wear burgundy nails with gold or with glitter for special occasions, like a high end party or an exclusive event.

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The art of beautifying your hands through your nails, begins with choosing the nailart which best suits your personal style. If you want to attract attention you can wear burgundy almond shaped nails. If you want to look discreet you can wear burgundy nails with a matte finish. This color has shades which tends to be red, while other shades are dark. You should choose the shade which best matches your style. In any circumstance, the burgundy nails acrylic design will make you look like a classy lady.

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