Neon Orange Nails- 25 Bold Designs To Copy ASAP

Neon orange nails with design became a trend a few years ago and they’re still going strong! Neon is here to stay and it’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate it in our nail design.

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Some persons don’t dare to wear anything neon because they consider it too loud. So creating nail art with neon orange nail polish would be a great idea to participate to the trend. Your nails will stand out, even if they are short. Perfect for summer, there are so many art ideas for a fun design. Neon orange looks amazing in long almond shape nails, as it would really compliment them. Of course, adding glitter to the design is an awesome way to add an extra dose of playfulness!

Have fun with these neon orange nails with design and get out of your comfort zone! Beauty is supposed to be fun and enjoyable!


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