20+ Fun Purple Nails Ideas To Try Out Right Away

Here are some purple nails ideas that you may incorporate onto your nails, if you’re looking to paint your nails purple. Purple is a really pretty color and it suits different types of personalities. The color will also match with different outfits and occasions. You could wear formal attire with purple nails as well as go to school with them.

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Purple is also a really popular color today, with the rise of Kpop boy group BTS whose fandom color is purple. So for ARMYs out there, purple is the color to go to and they might want to paint their nails in that color as well.

Purple Nails Ideas Press On


Thus, a purple nail idea is to paint your nails purple and have BTS or ARMY symbols painted onto them as well. You may also have the album symbols painted onto your nails too. Since their latest song Butter, you may have your nails painted in purple and yellow.

Another purple nails idea is to have purple butterfly designs. You could also have purple flowers, purple ice cream, and other cute purple designs to decorate your nails with.

With purple, you can go for a light color, or a dark color. For lighter colors, they will definitely be great for everyday and are cute too! Purple nails are also great for the summer as the color is such a pop.

You could have them long, short, or even medium length. The oval and almond shapes are nail shapes that you should also definitely try. You may even have French tips with your purple nails or add a little sparkle to them to make them a little more “extra”.

You may also have your nails shiny or matte and mix and match shades of purple. You may have light purple color on some nails and dark in the others. You can even mix and match designs too! These are just some of the awesome purple nails ideas that you could do or you could always experiment with more ideas.

These nail inspirations include simple designs as well as a few complex ones, but keeps the purple aesthetic. For the Pastel acrylic lovers, this list was wonderland. If you like something fast, you could always try press on nails.

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