Short Easter Nails – 25+ Acrylic Nail Art Ideas

For women, short Easter nails are the perfect beauty treatment to help get into that spring has sprung mindset. Cute spring designs can be made on any sized nail, long or short. As well, short Easter nails don’t have to be complicated. There are many cute yet simple short easter nail ideas that anyone can do, regardless of their skill level. Here are a few cute, but simple, short easter nail designs.

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Since Easter occurs in the spring, this holiday takes on the theme of spring. A common theme of spring includes rebirth. From pretty flowers to cute baby animals, many cute ideas can be incorporated into acrylic nail art for spring. For flowers, there are tulips and daffodils. For baby animals, there are chicks and bunnies. As well, a beloved Easter art that’s done by many people around the world who celebrate this holiday is the tradition of colouring eggs. Therefore, Easter eggs can also be incorporated to make pretty acrylic nail designs. In terms of colours, bright and pastel templates work well with any design listed above to make very cute short Easter nails!

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