Pastel Nails Ideas – 25 Pretty Nail Art

In this article you will find a wide range of pastel nails ideas, in order to step up your nail game. Pastel colors is an aesthetic that is really on trend now. For sure, it is the best choice for spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock pastel nails during all of the seasons. The trick is to choose the best tone of pastel, to create cute designs even in winter.

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Pastel nails usually reminds us of cotton candy and we are not wrong. Yellow, pink, green, blue, mauve, all in soft shades, exude this sweet candy feeling, which is really on trend. Even if you choose just a simple one color design, your nails will always stand out. Feeling clean, beautiful and chic! A great idea would be to play with different designs in pastel shades, or paint each nail with a different color creating unique combinations. There are many pastel nails ideas to choose from and you can apply them both on short and long acrylic nails.

Be inspired from these pastel nails ideas and create amazing designs that will compliment your whole look every day!

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