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20 Flower Nails Which Are Fun And Classy

Flower nails are so much fun to paint and mixing and matching designs are a bonus. One nail design that you could love for awhile, is a flower nail. Flower nails are perfect for all occasions, whether for normal days or for special events. Flower nails are perfect whether you are a girly girl, or you just want to have some flowers in your nail design for its beauty.

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These nails are also perfect for all seasons, especially for summer and spring. You could have elaborate flower nails or even simple ones. Here are some flower ideas that you could use the next time that you have your nails painted or done.

Press On Flower Nails


Go for a simple design in which the base of your nails could be a simple color like pastels pink or white. You can also paint flowers directly onto your nails, then simply add a topcoat. Another idea is to paint a specific flower design or paint the flowers as you do with suns, wherein you paint the circle first then you paint the petals next like the rays of the sun.

You could also paint your flowers with the same colors or different colored flowers. Create a theme and paint flowers onto all of your nails like a sunflower theme. There’s also the option of you painting sunflowers onto some of your nails and have the other nails in plain yellow.

There are also a lot of different flowers that you could paint onto your nails like roses, sunflower, daisies, etc. You may even paint butterflies with the flowers, or leaves if you wish to. You could also paint the flowers in really elaborate and elegant ways or have them painted playfully in different colors. You may also use an acrylic polish on your nails or even gel polish to have a different look. Stickers could also be used with glitters to make your nails even prettier. The base color you choose for your nail is also up to you. Mix and match and find the best flower nails for your personality that you would certainly enjoy on your nails.

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