20 Short Nail Designs With Amazing Details

If you are a person who can’t stop having clean and presentable nails, you should consider short nail designs. As a flirtatious person and a lover of fashion, you want to look pretty. This includes your hands and it’s a good idea to decorate your nails with a style which represents you. You should also take into account your attire and choose a designs which goes along with it.

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You can choose nail decoration designs with elements of different shades of colors. You’ll find thousands of designs and strokes to make them look incredible. Here are some added ideas to create some Short nail designs which can also be done in acrylic:

  • We start with some beautiful nails painted in white. End with pink flowers which go well for any
    occasion, especially for spring.
  • A simple nail approach. Only decorated with a gray polish, adding details on one of the nails with lines in pastel green.
  • Another idea is to use beautiful nails in a white tone, decorated with different types of flowers with bright colors. This is a perfect design for summer.
colorful short nail designs summer
  • Another easy and cute way to decorate your nails, is to choose any pastel shade like pink, lilac, baby blue, or mint green.
  • Short nails look good with dark colors, so do not be afraid to use shades of black and add details of white or silver lines. Believe me, it is a perfect trendy design for the night.
  • You can also choose vibrant colors such as blue. Add shiny stones with minimal black details, achieving an aesthetic style.
  • Following the idea of vibrant colors, we can tell you not to be afraid to choose red for your short nails. You can intersperse with a light color, and on one of the nails draw little hearts for a romantic design.
short nail designs

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