12 Trendy French Tip Nails Designs

One of the most popular nail ideas this summer has been trendy french tip nails designs. It is easy to see why this style is so popular. It’s cute! A french tip is the perfect timeless accessory for any outfit. It is light and natural looking, but easily altered to create a bolder nail design.

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French tip nails are extremely versatile and you can change it up, depending on your personal preference.
Nothing is as cute as a french tip design! French tips are equally stunning on long or short nails. They are also flattering on a variety of nail shapes, including rounded, almond, and oval. The design can be created on natural, acrylic nails or press on.

It is important to find a reputable nail tech to properly shape your nails and paint the perfect french smile line. The smile line is the distinct line of the top of the nail, that gives french tips their signature look.

Traditional french tips are created by painting the entire nail a soft, natural looking pink color and then adding a crisp white smile line. This creates a soft, feminine look that is perfect for summer.

It is supposed to mimic a person’s natural nails. However, many women are choosing to put a spin on this classic manicure. This is done by adding an extra pop of color to the smile line. Many are adding summer colors like light blues, oranges, and yellows. Other women are choosing a bolder look by going for a black smile line. Some are even painting designs within this smile line, like zebra print, colorful swirls, and even tie dye!

French tips are hardly a new trend, but women this summer have breathed new life into this timeless style. Adding color to an otherwise bland design. Here’s hoping, trendy french tip nails are here to stay!

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