9 Fun Smiley Face Nails You Could Have Today

We love that every day new cute designs come out, like smiley face nails. A beautiful acrylic aesthetic, which is simple to achieve. Decorate your nails with stickers to achieve the look easily or add graphic designs with shiny stones. When choosing your style of dress, don’t forget to wear something which complements your nails. This look was very popular in the 90’s and it’s making its come back. That is why we leave you some fun and simple designs, to recreate this trendy ideas for your nails.

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Simple Smiley Face Nails
This design is one of the simplest and most minimalist. Due to its simplicity and versatility it’s one of the most used in networks. It is so simple that you only have to draw the faces with black enamel or if you do not have this art buy stickers. Stick them on the nails and seal with transparent nail polish, and that’s it. The design is really perfect to short nails. Just remember to use a transparent or light color as a base to make the smiley face stand out more.

Smiley Face Complemented With Another Color
Another option is that you can apply the same previous technique with a twist. Place the faces on one of your nails in each hand. Meanwhile, for the other nails, you can use other colorful colors that match. You can use from pink to purple, just don’t forget to include the smiley face.

Vibrant Yellow
This way is one of the most classic, after using transparent glitter as a base, you just have to get a yellow
polish, a black polish, and draw your happy faces on all the nails or only two nails of each hand and leave
them in the rest with drippy yellow.

Smiley Face With Flowers
And since the faces are so versatile, you can accompany them in the size and quantity that you prefer, for
example, the smiley face can be the yellow center of a beautiful daisy or a flower of many colors perfect for long nails.

In Black And White
Now if yellow is a daring color and you like to go unnoticed as your personality, you can still use
happy faces. You only need black and white nail polish and continue drawing on one of the nails as you
want. It will look more simple, aesthetic, and elegant inspo in smiley face nails


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