Galaxy Nails Designs – 25+ Magical Manicures

If you are enchanted by the universe and its mystical powers, then the galaxy nails designs are an amazing option for you. This beautiful design, full of abstract strokes of colors can step up your look. Creating a magical aura around you.

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The most prominent colors of the galaxy nails designs are black, purple and blue. Sometimes it is depicted with glitter and shiny details. It is quite a simple drawing, because it is an abstract concept which you can easily do yourself. This design looks beautiful with pastel shades as well, if you prefer a softer look. It can be created to both short and long acrylic nails. There are no limits at all what you could do with this design. Just let your fantasy of the universe come to life, by making cute art on your nails.

Try one of these galaxy nails designs and have all the universe on your fingertips! Enjoy the creative process!


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