Fabulous Pink And Grey Nails You’ll Love

Fabulous Pink And Grey Nails You’ll Love

Pink and Grey nail designs are becoming a new trendy color combo. If you’re someone who’s interested in more subtle colors for your nails, you may try light pink and grey nails. Grey and Pink nails are subtle but they are still very cool. Sometimes we opt for something subtle, other times we want something which is more colorful and bright. For this, you may want to go for a hot pink color (has a much stronger vibe) oppose to a light pink (which has a soft feminine feel). All in all, you’ll surely love this new combo.

Let’s Get Creative With Grey And Pink Nails

As mentioned, Pink and Grey nail art has become quite popular these days in terms of fashion. To elevate your new set of Pink and Gray nails, you may want to try these suggestions. You may opt for nail art in glittery tones, polka dots, stripes, or art designs. Could also do pink and grey alternating colors on your nails. You may also go for an Ombre style, which is another look you may try. Add some stars or heart shapes to elevate the nail look. Who’s not a fan of some matte nails? I personally love the matte look but if you aren’t you could always go for some glossy nails. Now not everyone is into long nails, so go for what works for you. If you like them short, then short nails it is.

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When it’s all said and done, it’s up to you on how creative you’d like to be with your Pink and Grey nail designs. So do enjoy the designs and inspiration you’ll find here.

pink and grey nails with glitter

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