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14 Majestic Star Nail Designs To Dazzle All Day

People notice the hands during conversation and having star nail designs can get their attention quickly.
Nowadays, painting your nails has evolved from just one simple color to trendy designs and can easily be
liked when posted.

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Painting can be both artistic and fun, especially if you’re doing it on your nails. You can go from simple to
outrageous and still bring out a canvas of creativity by using star nail designs.

Star Nail Designs Press On

Acrylic Inspirations

If you’re looking for an interesting hobby, then painting your nails can be one of them. You can transform
those nails into a canvas and apply cute stars. Use any base color and put shiny stars, big or small according to your liking. Here are some ideas which you can get inspiration from.

Comet style – splash tiny stars in the middle of each nails and put one big star on index finger. Gold or
silver works best on black base.

Silver lining – go for gray base then put silver cute stars on the side of the nails. It will look like the
stars are lining up for a dramatic show.

Heavenly bodies – using a dark base, put the moon and sun then scatter stars around them. This will
create a decorative night sky.

Starry blues – with different shades of blue, you can pick one that suits your mood. Dark blues paired
with glitter stars will look elegant especially on date nights.

Bright stars – using a lighter shade of base, black stars of varying shapes blend well on long nails.

Peach and pink – if you like white nails, then a touch of pink and peach stars with glitter will give that
dainty and simple look.

Splash of color – if you like lots of shades, then go for a set of small stars on a colorful rainbow base.

False nails – if you don’t have time to paint your nails, then go for acrylic ones. Saves time and can be
easily removed and changed for a new look.

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