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7 Brilliant Disney Nail Designs To Recreate And Wear

Get playful with these Disney nail designs. Although we are of advanced age, we cannot deny that we still love to remember certain characters that made us happy in our childhood. It’s for this reason that on this occasion, we ask you to let yourself be enchanted by the world of Disney with these inspired nail designs. Paint on your favorite characters from the magical world of Disney and grab some inspiration for your next salon appointment here. Create amazing ideas or designs in regular nail paint or acrylic.

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  • Bring out the warrior you want to be and honor your family by wearing a Mulan-inspired design. You can choose red tones, make Chinese writings, put details in red and why not add Mushu or cricket on any of your nails.
  • If you are a lover of Wonderland, it is time to create a design in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. You can make clock designs, roses, and poker cards to refer to the queen of hearts. If you feel a bit more daring, you can make the design of the Cheshire cat with pink and purple.
  • Fill your hands with magic and create a simple and cute style with fairy dust inspired by Tinker Bell. You can choose white tones, with gold, draw fairy wings and why not put gold glitter to give it a little magic.
  • As a lover of the characters of the magical world of Disney, in this list you can’t miss designs inspired by Disneyland. You can paint your nails white, on one of the nails make the silhouette of Cinderella’s castle, and add silver glitter on the others nails to give it a delicate and magical touch.
  • How not make a cute and easy disney nails design inspired by your favorite Disney couple? You can paint your nails either white or red, draw pictures of the silhouette of Minnie and Mickey Mouse and draw Minnie’s peculiar favorite red polka dot bow, this design is perfect for short nails.
disney nails
disney nails

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